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Other subjects functions

This website sometime uses videos of Youtube and Vimeo , content of social Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , and in general on the basis if necessary embeddable content of other platforms . Recommended inquire directly with all third parties to have more control over these cookies .


Also on this website we have added functionality :Google Fonts e Google Map, these services are always provided by Google so you can always refer to the policy of Google.


Cookies on anonymous statistics visits

We use cookies to compile statistics of visitors , such as the number of people who have visited our website and what kind of technology they are using ( eg Mac or Windows , this helps us to see when our site correctly on particular technologies ) , how long users stay on the site and which pages are visited most & ugrave ; often. This helps us to continually improve our website. These statistics tell us though , anonymously , as people have reached this site ( for example, a search engine ) .

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